What documents to translate ?

The object of the translation concerns the essential steps in the process of integration of the users :

naturalization, family unification, schooling of children, judgements rendered abroad concerning the marital status of the people, request of refugee's status, obtention of the French driving licence, Documents which give evidence of acquired professional skills abroad...

A competent and professional service

  • A welcome assured upstream of the translation

The users find a reception and a very appreciated professional listening, as for example a help to the recognition of documents useful to translate which sometimes leads to dissuade the applicant to translate documents not required by the administration, avoiding useless spending and (or) the extension of the duration of the steps. It allows to direct the people to supports for the foreigners.

  • A thorough examination of documents to be translated

ISM Med can be lead to refuse the translation of any document which seem dubious, coarse falsehoods like encoumbered documents or including manifest additions...

  • A permanant worrie about professionalism

Our translations receive the accreditation of the ministry of the interior and some of our interpreters are accreditated by the Court of Appeal.
Our translators are from countries of immigration and totally integrated into France, speak perfectly the language of their country of origin and French.

  • An ethic with the respect of 3 principles :
  • Neutrality : we only translate the contents of documents without addition nor withdrawal and independently of the use which will be made by the translation !
  • Professional secrecy : we engage ourself to not state to anyone of the information contained in the translated documents.
  • Probity : guarantee of our credibility and so of the sustainability of our association.


The major part of our translators make distant prestation, thus they have no contact with the "customers" et never get involved in the transaction ISM Med/Customers. The only order giver is ISM Med.


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1 Bd Garibaldi (first floor)

  • In the center
  • At the crossing of the Canebière and of the bvd Garibaldi
  • At the exit of the M2 : Noailles metro
  • At the stop of the T1 : Canebière Garibaldi tram

Opening times

From Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm.


How to proceed

  • Reception by post or in the box office of the document to be translated
  • Transmission of documents to be translated by our various translators
  • Reception of the translated documents
  • Quality control of the realized translations
  • Delivery of the translations within the time limits allowed


Fare information

  • Fixed for diverse administrative documents such as driving licence, passport, ID card, diploma, etc.
  • Personalized for any other document further to an estimate according to the legibility, the volume of text to be translated, granted deadlines...


Proposed languages ❱